Quantitative Research

We are research specialists located in India, we research and gain insights into users across industry verticals providing continuous survey research for international markets. We offer various research methods covering from traditional methods to new emerging methodologies including Social Medias.

Usability Testing

Recognized as one of the top usability testing organizations in the nation, TMRC offers a full range of services and tools. We can offer full testing systems from start to finish at either our location or at partner locations around US, UK, EMEA & BRIC countries.Our labs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Based on task analysis, user profiling and your organisational or business objectives, we create realistic task scenarios for test subjects to follow. Pre-identified, measurable goals ensure you can see progress in usability across iterative testing and development cycles.

Remote usability

We provide professional and effective test results even if you are far away with allocated budgets through our remote usability methods. we use online conferencing technologies but these studies are limited for concepts, prototypes and web-based applications.


We provide both offline and online survey methodologies which provides a robust and cost effective alternative to traditional research approaches.