The Market Research Company (TMRC) provides reliable and accurate information to leading industries about the products, services, trends, and analytics through its varied surveys and survey methodologies. TMRC specialists collect extensive feedback from its consumers and their opinions on a variety of subjects.

TMRC engages in Online and Offline surveys and employs methodologies like:

  • Placement
  • CATI,
  • CAPI,
  • CSAT,
  • CAWI

Using this tool we help suffice:

  • Quantitative data collection
  • Consumers valuable feedback
  • Trends and Analytics
  • Characteristics of target audience.

We use smart digital technologies towards quicker rollout of survey and timely analysed reporting services with a strategic direction. We deliver a complete kit of tools, data and solutions.

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CATI & CAPI Research Services

The Market Research Company (TMRC) is a dynamic entity and believe in advanced technology, refined methods and processes in order to draw authentic data or information.

We maintain accuracy with the help of the following services:
CATI : is face-to-face interviews at home (general consumers) or at offices (SMB/SME/executives) or workplace using conventional pen-and-paper or CAPI (computer assisted personal interview) on a laptop computer.
CAPI : is telephone interviewing in a research lab using the state of the art Computer Assisted Telephone interviewing system.
CAWI : is online web based self administered interviewing or assisted through CAWI.

These services are used to better the processes, initiate smooth functioning and make possible to collect samples of data, large or small in a quick manner.
Using this tool, data is fed into the computer as and when it is collected. This invariably eliminates confusion and errors in sorting information.

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Consumer Behaviour

The Market Research Company (TMRC) offers Consumer Behaviour as one of its key services.

We believe it is important in understanding what consumers:

  • Think,
  • Feel,
  • Reason,
  • Want,
  • How and why they select between similar brands.

At TMRC tasks are carefully assessed for deeper understanding of drive for motivation in consumers to either make a good selling product or market the already existing ones in a productive style or both.

We use consumer behaviour to analyse and provide marketing strategies for brands and companies.

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Media and Entertainment Research

TMRC’s Media and Entertainment Research services has carved a niche for some key media and Bollywood trends, in specific

  • Movie Ideations,
  • Creation,
  • Sampling,
  • Merchandising,
  • Product placement strategies
  • Wholesome entertainment success

All this purely based on Research with the masses.
Tools used at TMRC are:

  • Media monitoring
  • Content analysis and strategy
  • Advertising analysis
  • Viewers / readers perception survey

Even customized methods are used when necessary and a profound analytical summary is delivered.

Useful strategies are shared to enhance a particular product/service or test a prototype to gain insight into what the viewers/readers would like to watch/hear.

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Mystery Shopping and Audits

TMRC has probably one of the largest database of Mystery Shoppers and auditors across industries, lifestyle profiling and domains with no repeat participants. TMRC mystery shoppers are carefully selected with the right persona profile fit.

Their valuable feedback is meticulously evaluated to provide a surface of clear understanding of:

  • Consumer wants,
  • Mentality,
  • Consumer Preferences,
  • Followed practices at customer interaction points,
  • Standard and quality of service extended at the destination.

TMRC engages itself in a variety of industries like retail, hospitality, travel, and the likes.

Our Forte: Is to enable companies to achieve consistency in operation as well as continual improvement in their practices, standards and customer delivery models.

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Retail strategy

At TMRC we strategize and support our clients in retail value creation. Retail has long been a game of testing and learning: trying different things, finding out what works, and doing more of it.

Depending on the challenge, solutions may include the following:

  • Growth and international expansion
  • Partnership models
  • Format excellence
  • Corporate finance
  • Tools and solutions

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Descriptive Research

At TMRC we provide detailed analysed data of population or phenomenon being studied in descriptive manner. In this research we do not interact with the participant but we include observational studies of people in an environment, involving data collection using existing records. This research method provides observatory results such as

  • Health status
  • Behaviour
  • Attitude or
  • Other characteristics of particular group.

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