Localization and Internationalization

Localization not in terms of language but in terms of understandability is what companies require when they go web. Websites are passé. Human-centric websites are in. The whole point in having a web presence goes defunct if the user/visitor is unable to traverse through the site in search of what is being looked for. The old web adage ‘WYSIWYG’ still promises value for the companies, as the basic principle underlined in it is associated with the user benefit.

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Understanding Your Users

User-friendly, visually appealing, easy to navigate, and easy to locate…are our major criteria before we start building your presence online. Our web design capabilities are powered by our team’s extensive knowledge on Human factors, usability, information architecture, etc. This authority on the technical aspects of website building sets us apart from the competition. Precisely, the reason why companies- new or established make TMRC team their preferred choice.

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Its All About Usability

Its All About Usability

In today’s competitive market, when products have the same technology, price, performance and features; design becomes the differentiator. Every design needs to be tested to see how it fits in the users environment, and it could be anywhere home, outside or work place. Understanding user perspective of any product design is vital to achieve user friendly, accessible, and comfortable designs. Research and usability testing is a part of design innovation, the more you focus on users the more your product sells in the market.

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Focus Group

Focus Group

The Market Research Company (TMRC) has conducted focus groups around the globe for over a decade now. We are well-equipped with our own Focus Group Labs and have been executing Focus Group studies in China, Singapore, UK, Europe and Australia; we can handle all of your focus group needs, including:

  • Recruiting Participant as per persona
  • Providing well experienced Moderators
  • Project management and Coordination with your teams from start to finish
  • Handle translation needs if needed
  • Provide Fast Turnaround/Results

TMRC conducts moderated discussion amongst a group of opinionated individuals who are brought together to discuss and share their opinions on anything that requires design, development and success. This provides and evokes rich qualitative data on market and consumer perceptions and is a resourceful method for tasks like brand image, product design, development and testing, consumer surveys, advertising testing, movie or feature film ideas, quality of food at restaurants etc.

TMRC’s unique methodology in conducting classical focus group discussions has paved a path towards successful outcomes in understanding consumer’s desires, beliefs, attitudes, reactions to ideas and concepts.

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In-Depth Interviews

In-Depth Interviews (IDI)

The Market Research Company’s (TMRC) In-Depth Interviews embodies proficiency in direction and execution, having conducted them in a number of Countries it is carried out with ease and in a seamless process. TMRC uses this powerful tool to draw deeply embedded information from people and for a variety of purposes and projects.

What we do:

  • Acute exploration into audience’s perspectives, opinions and feelings
  • Retrieve insights from a target audience
  • Elicit a vivid picture of collected qualitative data

We recommend this technique for tasks such as:

  • Content Analysis,
  • Intensive Usability Tests,
  • Elaborate Tests on Services/Products/Experiences.

TMRC is flexible in employing tools to conduct In-Depth Interviews, One-on-one being the most common. We even alter our methods and style it to suit the research elements.

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Qualitative Research

The Market Research Company (TMRC) is a leading market research consortium with a team of highly skilled professionals with over two decades of hands-on experience, enabling healthy decision making and providing solutions. This gives TMRC the edge over others to produce a wholesome report for client’s better understanding of their services/product.

TMRC’s Qualitative Research revolves around reasoning and analysis of unstructured information owing to the topic in focus. It is an intensive method of research that is used to understand complex traits like human behaviour, motives, emotions, attitudes, values, culture and lifestyle.

Here is a useful tool we use to focus on:

  • Observation
  • Interviews
  • Analysis
  • Measures
  • Evaluations

We use this method of research to give you vision into your offerings as well as options to beat out the obstacles that hinder progress.

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Quantitative Research

TMRC is adept in the field of quantitative research. With a range of sampling strategies and quantitative survey options like online, telephonic, in-person, we provide greater insights on market research studies and are conducted using smooth and cost effective procedures.

We take care to customize the process and techniques for each project as per its requirement like:

  • Research Objective
  • Research Requirement
  • Quality Control of the research

Having expertise and a resourceful staff TMRC has the ability to deliver the right measure of insightful information along with befitting problem solving keys in the line of quantitative research.

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